Tropea Mar

Every day from the port of Tropea and Capo Vaticano (Grotticelle Beach), in motorboats with Air Conditioning
Itinerary: Stromboli with Motonave

  • 10:00 Start boarding Operation
  • 11:00 hours Start, coasting at close range until 12:00 of the famous Costa degli Dei, the same Tropea, Santa Domenica di Ricadi, Ricadi, tingling, Ruffa Torre, Torre Marino, Capo Vaticano, Santa Maria
  • 24:00 hours Route of Panarea
  • 13:30 hours Arrival in Panarea with a stop until 17:00
  • 17:00 hours Departure for Stromboli and dwelling at Stromboli until 20:00
  • 20:00 Skirting the village of Stromboli San Vincenzo. Circumnavigation of the Strombolicchio and stop under the “Sciara del Fuoco” the slope where it falls magma.
  • 23:30 hours Arrival at the Port of Tropea

  • 07:10 hours Start boarding operations on Motorboat 350 places with air conditioning.
  • 07:45 hoursDeparture from the port of Tropea / Capo Vaticano (Grotticelle Beach) Stromboli volcano consists of andesitic lavas and antique basaltic lavas that ends with two peaks, whose highest peak is called Vancora and between which there is a hole at 750 m. from the sea with perpetually active eruptive vents, so why the craters we see the launch of lapilli and incandescent material that falls on a part called the Sciara del Fuoco.
  • 11:00 hoursFrom Stromboli – Panarea Skirting the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, famous for its prehistoric village in the promontory of Milazzo dating back to the Bronze Age (XIV – XIII century. AC) consists of oval-shaped huts except protected by a rectangular enclosure with mills and mortars in stone. You get to Lipari, the most important commercial center and the Aeolian Islands. generally high and rocky coastline with cliffs and caves. Interesting pumice quarries from the foot of the red rocks, wonderful is its Museum divided into sections with the IV and III millennium finds A.C. others from the Bronze Age 2000 – 1400 A. C., pottery dating 1400 – 1250 A.C., etc. Visit the city and the thousands of streets, individual shopping.
  • 15:15 hours Departure for Volcano, formerly called Thermes, Theresia, Hiera, island of Vulcano and Efisto. Legend has it that it is the abode of Aeolus the god of the Winds. The eastern bay is affected by fumaroliche events where underwater hot springs (hot water) and natural mud (sulphureous) possess exceptionally effective therapeutic properties for rheumatism, for arthropathy and circulatory diseases.17:00 hours Departure to Tropea, on the way back you can admire the impressive landscape of Capo Vaticano.
  • Expected arrival 19:15


Tropea  Holidays Tropea Calabria Italy Summer 2017 The Tropea Municipality located within the province of Vibo Valentia, in Calabria southern Italy. The town is a famous bathing place. The name alone Tropea signals (to Italians and foreigners alike) sun, sea and unforgettable sceneries. This stretch of coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea is called the Costa Read more

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